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Strengthening Self-Kindness

--an online mindfulness workshop nurturing compassion

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When your self-critic is loud,
do you know how to respond?

When you feel anxious,
can you befriend the fear behind it?

Join me and explore the ways you can 

We are often our biggest critics.

Learning to respond to our self-critic with kindness is something we can strengthen. 

Join me for this online workshop on building the tools we can use to take care of ourselves with mindfulness and loving-kindness. Through awareness and compassion we prevent ourselves from being dominated by voices that don’t serve us, the ones that get in the way of us living the way we aspire to live. We can free ourselves from self-limiting perceptions and tap into more joy and connection.  

The course can be done in one sitting (about 2 hours) or you can break it up into segments. It includes downloadable practices and instructions for you to keep the work going after the workshop is completed. The workshop consists of video and mostly audio recordings of guided practices and some writing exercises.

Watch the free preview introduction below.

Intro to Strengthening Self Kindness

Intro to Strengthening Self Kindness

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