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Jean integrates her years of experience as a meditator and as a massage therapist in combination with somatic modalities and mindfulness practices to bring ease, health, and growth to the people she works with. With a compassionate, listening presence, Jean helps clients find their own insight and wisdom through meditation and mindful awareness practices. Jean welcomes the opportunity to work individually with clients for a more intimate and personalized experience. 

Photograph by Emily Feinsod Photography

Private Mindfulness Sessions at My Office, on Zoom, or by Phone


In a private mindfulness session, you can bring a specific question, theme, or issue to the table to explore. My process of facilitating and asking questions can assist you in finding your own awareness and insight into the subject you are facing. A typical session would start with a few minutes of meditation to allow us to arrive, drop into our bodies, and get grounded in the moment. From there, I will ask a question and together, we will follow the path of mindful exploration to see what needs to be known and what innate information and wisdom you have to reveal about the subject. With compassion and gentle curiosity I can help move you away from thinking and fixing to observing, sensing, and being with what is here. From there we can sense what is possible. It is from this place that change and movement occurs. 

In these explorations, I integrate the work of mindfulness (including present moment awareness, compassion, loving-kindness), the work of Eugene Gendlin's Focusing, and coaching (influenced by my training with Tara Mohr). 

We can do one-time sessions when needed or a series of sessions. Sessions are 50 minutes and can be in person at my Maplewood studio, by Zoom, or by phone. 

Interested? Reach out here and we can have an initial conversation to see if we are a good match for this type of work. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sessions are $120.

What's Right For You?
Jean offers 15-minute discovery calls to explore what group, class, or offering is right for you. 

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