Mindfulness and Meditation Offerings

Jean integrates her years of experience as a meditator and as a massage therapist in combination with somatic modalities and mindfulness practices to bring ease, health, and growth to the people she works with. She offers groups, classes, private consultations, and online courses that facilitate the gradual development of greater presence, awareness, compassion, and acceptance. The very nature of mindfulness work helps people gain tools to manage stress and self-care. Through this work, Jean invites a listening presence and curiosity in everyone who seeks to live a mindful life.


A Mindful Life: Groups for individuals and couples. This will be your dedicated space to listen to yourself, observe, reflect, and have space to be just as you are within a warm community of people who support you. Learn More.

What's Right For You?

Jean offers 15 minute discovery calls to explore what group, class, or offering is right for you. 

Drop-in Meditation Groups: By donation only meditation groups open to everyone, regardless of experience. Learn More.

Classes/Workshops & Events: Take a one time mindfulness or meditation class, workshop, or a series. Learn More.

Private Sessions: Schedule private meditation classes or private mindfulness consultations. Learn More.

“If we do not work on all three levels - body, feeling, mind - the symptoms of our distress will keep returning, as the body goes on repeating the story stored in its cells until it is finally listened to and understood."

~ Alice Miller​