Drop-in Meditations 


Whether you are new to meditation or already have a practice, Jean welcomes you to join us. While these are not classes, everyone is welcome and can follow along and be part of the mindful community. Together we practice the tools of mindfulness that bring us into the present moment, develop greater compassion, strengthen our concentration, and allow our body and mind to rest right here, right now. By stopping, focusing on our breathing, and observing our thoughts and feelings we gain clarity, spaciousness and the ability to stay present to whatever arises without reacting habitually. By practicing with the support of the community, our commitment to living mindfully is strengthened. 


Please note there will be no classes on the following dates: 8/1, 8/3, 8/6, 8/8. 8/14, 9/5

Tuesdays and Fridays 10:00-10:30 am on Zoom.  Starting 8/11 on Zoom or In-person

• Practice includes one 25 minute guided meditation

Zoom Link

• Sign-up required for in person attendance. Must be fully vaccinated to attend in-person.

  • For Tuesday pre-registration click here

  • For Friday pre-registration click here

• Suggested donation $5-10 Donations can be submitted by Venmo, Zelle, or in person with cash/check. 

Sundays 7:30-8:45 pm In-person and on Zoom

• Guided and silent meditation periods

• A short dharma talk or reading is offered

• 15 minutes of mindful sharing as a community to deepen our skills of mindful listening and mindful speech.

Sign-up required for in person attendance. Must be fully vaccinated to attend in-person.

Suggested donation $10. Donations can be submitted by Venmo, Zelle, or in person with cash/check. 

Where: Wellspring Health Collective, Maplewood, Mill Building, 697 Valley Street, on the lower level in the Studio. The entrance is on the side of the building along Pierson Rd where the golf course is. You will see a side door next to two parking spaces. Currently the side door locks and each person will need to be let in. This means, please arrive a few minutes early or you won't get in! You can park on either side of Pierson road, in the two spaces by the side door, or in the parking lot in the back. Please do not park in the front of the building where Weichert Realty is.


Sign Up Required: There are 14 spaces in the room. The big change is that if you plan on coming in person, you will need to sign up ahead of time with this scheduling platform. It is simple to use. You will get a confirmation email. If the spaces are full, or you can't come in person, please join us on Zoom! Please be mindful that if you are saving a space in the room and need to cancel, give at least 12 hours notice so that someone who wants to be there can take your place. If you wanted to come in person, but the spaces are full, be sure to check back to see if any opened. 

ZoomNo registration is required, however to keep the spaces safe on Zoom, if you are coming for the first time, please let Jean know you are coming and please make your Zoom name appear clearly so she can let you in. Zoom link here.


Masks: Masks are required to enter the building and in the bathroom. There is an office that is considered medical on the floor and for that reason, we need to wear masks in the public spaces. If you are fully vaccinated, you can remove your mask in the studio or keep it on (whatever you are most comfortable with). 


Other Details: Chairs, cushions, and a handful of backjacks (folding seats on the floor with a back) are available. Please leave shoes on the shoe rack outside the studio door. 


Live Guided Meditations On The Insight Timer App!

Thursday 7/8 8:30 - 9:00 am EST

Click here for the link on your computer or download the Insight Timer app.