A mindful approach to living with greater peace, ease and awareness


mindfulness & Meditation Offerings 

Jean offers groups, classes, private consultations, and online courses that facilitate the gradual development of greater presence, awareness, compassion, and acceptance.

  • Live Weekly Zoom Meditations & LIVE Insight Timer Meditations.  Learn more. 

  • Learn to Meditate! Beginning Mindfulness Meditation Series Starts 8/11. Learn more.

  • Morning of Mindfulness Retreat  8/28  Learn more.

  • Free Guided Meditations and Talks. Listen here.

  • Schedule a 15 Minute Discovery Call to See What Group, Class or Private Session is Right For You, click here. 


Jean invites a listening presence and curiosity in everyone who seeks to live a mindful life. Drawing on her training in mindfulness practices, meditation, and body therapies, Jean assists her clients in finding ease, health and growth in body and mind. Learn more.