Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and Massage Therapist 

Jean integrates her years of experience as a meditator and as massage therapist  in combination with somatic modalities and mindfulness practices to bring ease, health, and growth to the people she works with. She offers in-person groups, online classes, and private sessions tailored to clients’ individual needs.  In her massage work, Jean creates a unique balance in providing an effective therapeutic experience, while also engaging clients' individual capacities for self-healing and change. Assisting clients in developing stress management tools through meditation and mindful awareness is a key part of her work. Shallow breathing and being caught in a constant spin of thinking of the past and future effects our musculature, posture, and our sense of self in significant ways. 


MASSAGE THERAPY & BODY FOCUSING WITH HELD EMOTIONS: Jean utilizes a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage in her bodywork and somatic modalities to work with held emotions in the body. 


Massage therapy increases blood flow and releases toxins out of the tissues, allowing injured tissues to repair. Joint mobility is improved by releasing the muscular tension around the joints. Studies show that massage reduces the level of cortisol, a stress hormone in the blood, decreases cytokine proteins related to inflammation, and boosts white blood cells, which fight infection. 


For those clients who are interested in accessing and letting go of held emotional tension in the body, Jean utilizes the work of Focusing to hone in on a physical sensation and by helping clients find words to adequately describe what is being experienced, we can acknowledge and be present to a part of us that wants to be heard. In listening to our body and mind and in being able to stay and create a safe space for the emotion and sensation, healing can begin.


Jean also applies the information she learned from years of movement training to teach people ways of sensing their movement, thought and feeling patterns and to undo habits that keep them from their full potential. By exploring how we move and by becoming aware of our posture, we see the habitual patterns that are embedded in our nervous systems and find new possibilities, which lead to more freedom, greater self-esteem and confidence.

$110/hour session


A MINDFUL LIFE PRIVATE SESSIONS: Jean brings the tools she uses in her group A Mindful Life to private sessions with clients. Each session focuses on meditation, tapping into gratefulness (what is good), Loving-Kindness and Self-Kindness practices and Focusing — working with a particular theme or what is present in a person’s life and exploring what the felt sense of it is in the body, what it has to say, and what it needs. When we learn to pay attention to our thoughts and breathing, not trying to change what is there, but gently observing, we have the capacity to feel greater self-awareness, spaciousness, compassion, and peace. In the process we uncover more of our genuine selves. Sessions are done sitting across from one another.



Online mindfulness classes and in-person meditation groups and workshops are also available. Learn more here.

Free guided meditations available here.

“If we do not work on all three levels - body, feeling, mind - the symptoms of our distress will keep returning, as the body goes on repeating the story stored in its cells until it is finally listened to and understood."

~ Alice Miller​


We can’t have a life devoid of stress, but we can work with our reactions to it and prevent it from getting lodged in our bodies and causing pain. Together, we can work with stress and find your way of coping well. Learning to pause, feel and not react is no small feat. By coming for an appointment, taking a mindfulness course,  or attending a group you are taking the first step in pausing. Space can then be created to feel what is actually happening, which allows for change. Physical space can be made by easing muscular tension, enhancing blood flow, finding fuller breathing, discovering movement in your rib cage and spine. It could also be found in learning meditation and mindfulness techniques so your mind can stay in the present, rather than incessantly fix, plan, or worry. Gradually, we learn to make a new choice or pattern.

Jean Vitrano, Mindfulness Facilitator & Educator & Licensed Massage Therapist


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