Spring 2021 

4 Weeks Series

Tuesdays 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4

11:00-11:45 am (EST)

  • $65.00

  • You can pay be credit card with the button below or Venmo me (handle @jeanvitrano).

Why meditate? I can speak from my experience and from witnessing so many others over the years that through meditation practice we become better equipped to handle life’s stresses because we gain more tools in staying in the present, not reacting habitually, realizing when we are losing presence and choose to return. We become more curious and less judgmental about ourselves and about others because we have greater awareness of what goes on in ourselves and in the world around us. Pausing and being still allows us to see more clearly and compassion for ourselves and for others comes more readily.


For four weeks, I will give the basic instructions, lead you in a guided practice. We’ll have time for observations and questions and then we will practice again. Please reach out if you are interested. At the conclusion of these four weeks, we can find more opportunities for you to sit with a group if you would like on a regular basis. Being in community strengthens our commitment and practice. 


Mindfulness & Creativity is a continually evolving workshop where we come together in community and see how we can bring the tools of mindful awareness, reflection, and deep inner listening to our creative selves. We will meditate and I will guide you through exercises that invite us into a space of curiosity, kindness, and compassion as we lean into our creative process and honor all of it -- the inspiration, the blocks, the movement and the stuck-ness. Whatever our creative outlet may be, we can explore together and feel the support of a mindful community. Each workshop will be different, evolving based on what questions and discoveries the participants unearth in the previous session.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

9:00-10:30 am (EST)

  • $30.00

  • Use the button below to register by credit card or email me to confirm and pay by Venmo (@jeanvitrano)

  • Workshop will be limited to 14 participants.


Next Workshop Spring 2021 

Date To Be Announced

  • $40.00

  • Workshop will be limited to 14 participants.

We all judge. Judgement helps us to discern what is needed, how to respond or act. The problem with judgement is when we use it to make the other wrong or bad, or if we use it to feel powerful. Often our judgement of another, a group, or a situation gets in the way of deepening communication, understanding, acceptance, and our ability to work together and grow. It often causes us and those around us to suffer. We can choose to work with our judgement when it arises and get to something deeper underneath that is worth investigating. If we want more peace in the world, we need to do the work of uncovering what gets in the way and move in the direction of compassion, empathy, and the acceptance of our differences. Join me for this Zoom workshop where we will practice meditation, followed by some guided reflective exercises to help us unpack this topic with a gentle, compassionate awareness.

What's Right For You?

Jean offers 15 minute discovery calls to explore what group, class, or offering is right for you. 

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